Music Minister

Meet Paul Henley, Haven's Music Minister

Paul Henley

Paul Henley

My name is Paul Henley, and I was born and raised in Huntsville, Al along with my 5 siblings! My parents have been long time members of Whitesburg Baptist Church. Both of my parents love the Lord and have demonstrated their love for people throughout the years and in many formats.

Music has always been part of who I am! My sister, Ginny Lou and I grew up singing and playing piano together! We sang in our Church’s youth ensemble, Evidence, as well as the youth choir there. We sang for weddings, worship nights, and various events. Throughout high school, God was faithful to me and showed his constant love to my heart. Even though I was raised in a strong Christian home and environment, it was not until later in my high school years that I realized how much I really needed Jesus in my life. I had been living a fake life. One of going through the motions, and outwardly showing my 'joy' and love for people. I went to all of the Church activities: Bible Drill, RA's, Youth Group, Choir, and even mission trips - all without personally knowing the God I proclaimed. The problem was I was afraid to admit that I didn't really know God. I was so afraid of what people would think if they knew I was a liar and a fake Christian. Instead of being honest, I chose to continue putting on a mask and living in fear. I loved being with my friends and going to the various Church activities, but did not love the God who gave me the very breath in my lungs!

It is still amazing to me how God carefully guided circumstances in my life to draw me to himself. Our youth group went to camp every summer for a week in various places. This particular year was in Panama City, and I could not afford to go. One of my Sunday School teachers was encouraged by the Spirit to pay my way. Neither he nor I could have guessed what God had in mind. Our worship leader sang the song "Indescribable" by Chris Tomlin, and my world was shaken. Some of the lyrics say, "You placed the stars in the sky and you know them by name." For the first time I remember realizing the sheer magnitude of God was so much greater than I had ever recognized. I began to see a glimpse of His absolute greatness, and simultaneously, my sins that separated me from Him. I realized that even though my sin was great, His love and forgiveness were calling me, right then, to repentance and faith. I prayed and trusted in Jesus as my Savior and repented from my sins that very first night of camp. I let go of my pride and my fears, and began a new journey of true joy and freedom with Jesus.

Later that year, God began a new work in me, creating a desire to lead worship and use my talents for His glory.

I graduated high school in 2008, and headed down to Mobile, AL to pursue a Music degree from the University of Mobile. During my time there, the Lord strengthened my desire to lead His people in worship, especially through IMPACT, a worship ensemble from the university of which I was blessed to be a part. I joined New Hope Baptist Church as a member shortly after finishing at UM, and lead worship there 5 and a half years until God called me back to Huntsville. I am so blessed to be serving here at Haven and I cannot wait to see what exciting plans God has in store for us here! May we each 'have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind.' (1st Peter 3:8)