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Update from the Wax Family

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Please continue to pray for Pastor Justin, Bethany, and their family. Pastor Justin Wax served as Haven Baptist Church's Associate Pastor until his overseas deployment last summer. Pastor Justin expresses his gratitude for the wonderful care packages and letters from HBC. He and his family are doing well and looking forward to his redeployment in the spring. Pastor Justin is planning to become an Army chaplain upon his return. His chaplain board is in April 2019.

What does a Healthy Church Look Like?

While there are many churches in our city, it is vital that our church keep central what Jesus Christ, the head of the church, outlines for the church.  This video produced by 9 Marks ministries does an excellent job of reminding us of what is central to the church.  

Building Bridges in our Community

It is vital for the church to reach out into the community.  At Haven Baptist, we desire to serve our community.  As Christ-followers, we are called to be servants and that includes serving those around us.  

His Mercy Is More

Music is beautiful and a gift from God.  This is one modern hymn that we sing at Haven Baptist.  It reminds us that God's mercy is more than our many sins.  God's mercy is stronger than darkness and reveals his character and goodness.

How to Fight Fears as a Parent

Parenting is tough.  As a father of five children, it can become overwhelming when we think about daily decisions and in caring for young souls in general.  Lauren Chandler reminds us that God is Sovereign and that we are called to pray and trust in God as we raise the children he has given us.

How Radically Ordinary Hospitality Changed Rosaria's Life

Hospitality is described in Scripture and those who follow Christ are commanded to seek ways to show it.  It is a way to love your neighbors and friends.  The love of God seen through his people radically changed Rosaria Butterfield's life and this love continues to change lives today.  

2015 VBS — "Journey Off the Map"