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Sanctity of Life


The value of life is not something we can put a dollar figure on.  God delights in life and we can see this from the first week of creation to the mercy through the life of Noah to the preservation of Moses all the way to the miraculous birth of the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ.  God displays his miraculous hand of mercy with each new baby born into the world.  As a father of five, I have not always been overwhelmed with the creative and wonderful display of beauty through childbirth.  Nonetheless, God has opened my eyes to see the beauty and magnificence from birth all the way until death.  Without a doubt, God has created mankind in His image.  He reveals his plan for mankind through humanity.  In his Word, God proclaims that He has created us and has fearfully and wonderfully made us (Psalm 139).  Despite his grace toward us, many in North America, prefer and advocate for death over life.  We, as a culture, often suppress the truth and choose convenience over compassion (Romans 1).  God has made his ways known to men and women but we have muddied them and distorted God’s Word in order to justify our wickedness.  As a church, we seek to proclaim the beauty of life from beginning to end.  God is the author of life and the designer of life.

During the month of January, we will have several special events as we celebrate life.  We will have a special speaker from Choose Life on Sunday Morning, January 22nd.  On January 29th, we will have a dear friend and minister at Brook Hills, Deric Thomas, come and share about the importance of adoption as he and his wife are adopting from China.  I pray that the Church will stand for life as we see God value life and demonstrate his power and glory through our lives.  If you are looking for a good book about the subject of abortion and life in general, I recommend Abortion:  A Rational Look at an Emotional Issue by Dr. R.C. Sproul.  The video below is of the author and his conviction in writing it.

Dr. Sproul on the issue of abortion