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What does it mean to be faithful?  Hopefully, this word is and will be central to Christ-followers in their daily walk and in our churches as we move forward.

Unfortunately, the world often redefined what it means.  Faithfulness defined simply is trusting God.

As a husband and as a father, I seek to be faithful.  As a pastor, I want to display faithfulness as well to the church and the community.

Q.  How can I do any of the above?

A.  Only by trusting God in following him by His grace.

I read this morning a great quote from Trevin Wax's blog.  Wax articulates faithfulness well when he said...

During my time in Romania, I sat at the feet of a well-respected evangelical professor who had suffered persecution under the Communists. His father had been murdered by theSecuritate in a car wreck that was made to look like an accident. This professor also served as a pastor of a local church. One day in class, he put aside his notes and began to speak heart-to-heart about pastoring.

“Brothers,” he said, his voice quivering as he fought back tears, “Don’t think that true success will come from adopting a strategy that will lead you to fulfilling one purpose. Jesus called himself the Good Shepherd – the One who lays down his life for his sheep. Success in God’s eyes does not come without sacrifice. Don’t try to be successful. Expend your energy in seeking to be faithful. Faithfulness is success.”

Psalm 12:1 says,  "Help, LORD, for the godly are no more; the faithful have vanished from among men."        

My prayer for today is...

Lord, May I be found faithful (as Christ gives me the strength) through trials, pain, and whatever circumstances come my way.  May the foolish ways of the world become clear to me and may I persevere amid confusion knowing your Word is true.  May you lead me in seeking not man's approval but in seeking first your kingdom today.  In all these things, Lord let me see your grace displayed in my life and praise you in response to it.