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Consider it Joy

John Piper has preached his last sermon as the Pastor for Preaching and Vision for Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis.  His impact on my life and on many others is hard to estimate.  He has pointed me to the Cross repeatedly and continually helps me not to boast in anything that man can give but in only what God gives. He has preached tirelessly so that the gospel would be proclaimed in such a way whereby Jesus was exalted.  Here are a few timely notes from his last sermon.

"What the world needs from the church, from Bethlehem, from you, is your invincible joy in the midst of suffering and sorrow."… "I think Jesus was the happiest man who ever lived. And oh how sorrowful. A man of sorrows and acquainted with grief." … "Christ is more precious than sleep, health, money, and life. Wouldn't you want a Christ that precious?" … "It is no accident the greatest chapter in the Bible, Romans 8, ends with Paul doing everything in his truth-laden power to help our joy be indomitable in suffering." … "For the next 32 years, Bethlehem, let the world see your indomitable joy in Jesus, in sorrow."


Honestly, today has been a struggle for me.  It's been a battle against my sinful nature and my desire to only gratify my flesh.  But the amazing truths of the gospel keep silencing my fears and lifting me up out of despair and into devotion to my LORD and SAVIOR!

Look to Christ!  Rejoice in Him today!